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Frequently Asked Questions / Basic Trouble-shooting Ideas

This section describes basic principles relating to all devices.

The main menu link Support >Support Downloads takes you to specific help on the equipment listed. Look for help with Aids to Daily Living, Environmental Control Systems, Digital Recording Devices, Dynamic Display Systems, and Text-to-Speech Devices. Go to these pages for help with common operations and trouble-shooting.

NOTE: it may be that something you think is a problem is in fact a setting on the device which has been inadvertently changed. If the unit is essentially working, please try to reset to default settings first.

Before you call us

You are always welcome to call for help, but please have the device in front of you, with the power cord (if it has one), and have the serial number of the device before you call us.

  1. I have a device and there is something wrong.
    Please choose the device from the device manuals pages and try to find a simple fix in the manual. Most operational 'problems' are due to settings being inadvertently changed. A quick fix can often be to reset the unit to factory default settings. Even though we won't know the reason for the problem, at least the device will be working again.

  2. I don't know how to do something specific on the device I am setting up. Support >Support Downloads
    Have you checked the manual? Go ahead and try to follow the instructions. Still no luck? Try the solutions to common questions found by selecting the device from the support menu. Don't hesitate to call or e-mail if you would like our help.

  3. The device seems to need repair.
    Please try to reset the device as indicated in section 1. Or you can try trouble-shooting strategies you may be able to do yourself. Please contact us to trouble-shoot the device and the problem before sending it to be repaired. Devices sent for technical work where no problem is found are still charged for inspection and service. Please do not attempt to repair the internal components. Not only does this void the warranty, you may cause additional complications that would not have occurred otherwise. Follow the Return Authorizations: Repair Procedures section below for instructions. If it is obvious a device requires repair, for example if some part of the device is clearly broken or damaged, then please follow the procedure for returning devices for repair.

  4. What is the best care and maintenance for my device?
    Each type of system is different so please read your manual or choose your device from the support menu for the recommended care and maintenance routines. Proper care and maintenance can prevent the need for some repairs. Rechargeable batteries will always need replacing but you can maximize the battery life by good maintenance.

Return Authorizations: Repair Procedures

  • Visit the Frequently Asked Questions (first section above) to see if you can find a solution to your problem.
  • Look in the Product Manual to find a solution. Try Support >Support Downloads section for the manuals.
  • If necessary to bring the device in for service, we will issue a Return Authorization (RA) number. This is our repair tracking number.
  • Please have the model and serial number of the device available. You may find this number on the back of the unit or on the original box.
  • Know to whom the billing will be sent and the return shipping address.
  • Pack the unit in the original box if available; otherwise pack it well. Include the power adapter/charger but not the other accessories.
  • Include a letter describing problems and symptoms. Put the RA on the letter. Print RA Form Letter here.
  • Be sure to write the RA number on the inside and the outside of the box.
  • Please insure the unit against loss.
  • Send to our physical address, and remember we are not always able to send packages to a P.O. Box
  • For repair costs and to check on the repair status, contact the Customer Service Department.
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