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Bear Tracker GPS Phone

The Bear tracker is a small yet powerful device that can send the owner its location through a simple text message.  After receiving a text from an authorized number the Bear Tracker sends its location with either latitude and longitude coordinates or in a form of an Google Map link if you are using a smart phone.


The Bear Tracker GPS Phone features:

  •  •  Dial up to four specific phone numbers
  •  •  Text message to Add/Delete these four phone numbers
  •  •  When battery is low, phone will text all four numbers to tell them to charge phone
  •  •  SOS key to send GPS location (LBS) by text message from phone
  •  •  Parent or guardian (tracker) asks (by text) for general location, LAT/LON coordinates, or 
  •      Google map link
  •  •  Monitoring mode to listen to phone
  •  •  2G/3G GPRS SIM card capable (plans sold by wireless carriers)
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