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Comfy Panels

Partition Panels for Visual Structuring

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In a moment, arrange five students into five separate work areas. Quickly divide the room into activity centers without help from the facilities staff. Set up a quiet area where you can read or watch TV without the distraction from prying eyes. Comfy-Panels make that a possibility.

Comfy-Panels are made of lightweight, tough materials, making it very easy to "build" and "tear down" structures rapidly to divide rooms into comfortable spaces, effectively dividing a larger room into any combination of useful configurations. They can be used as a nursery, a playroom, classroom study areas, quiet spaces to relax, for privacy, and much more.

The partition panels come in a range of sizes and shapes offering the flexibility to assemble them for a multitude of purposes. Comfy-Panels are currently being used in daycare centers, in elementary schools, at care facilities for children with disabilities, in private homes, at corporate offices, and provide a myriad of opportunities to divide rooms into manageable spaces almost instantly, and without the great expense of labor, and without modifying the facility.

Simple steps to assemble

panels and connectors connect two panels add more panels assembled structure

Examples of comfortable spaces

side by side study cubes private secluded space private desk space private sitting area
four walled cubicle private activity space play structure
play room study carrels activities cubicles

Imagine the possibilities

At a corporation’s daytime nursery

At an elementary school

At a care facility for children with disabilities

In a family’s home

Special order and unique designs

In an emergency evacuation area

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