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Text-to-Speech Devices


Text-to-Speech Communication Systems

These products are voice output systems for people who are able to spell out what they want to say. Messages that are typed out by the user are read aloud by the device. Many rate enhancements, like abbreviation/expansion, word prediction, stored phrases, and dialog scripts, help the user compose messages quickly, thus speeding up conversations.

Text-to-speech refers to speaking messages written in letters and words and spoken by a computer-generated, synthesized voice. The phrases can be written with a physical keyboard, or selected from an on-screen keyboard by pressing on a touch screen, pointing and clicking a mouse, by head tracking mouse, eye gaze systems, joystick, and by scanning with a mechanical control switch. You can speak novel expressions which can be created spontaneously as needed, saved if they will be used in the near future, or stored and retrieved if the messages are to be spoken often.

If you cannot use letters to spell out messages, you would need a system capable of using symbols, pictures, and graphics to represent vocabulary, like our Dynamic Display systems and our Digital Recording devices.

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