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PolyAndro with Persona for Android

Android speech PolyAndro-7 and PolyAndro-10

with Persona for Android

Amazing text-to-speech tablets for today and tomorrow.

PolyAndro-7 with Persona for Android – portrait PolyAndro-7 and the new PolyAndro-10 are lightweight, portable Android tablets for literate users on the go. Their strength comes from the Persona for Android program that gives you clear text-to-speech voice output, and a host of other features you are certain to appreciate.

Persona for Android is a text-to-speech augmentative/alternative communication application for use on an Android tablet. It provides complete portable communication wherever it’s needed. Use it in portrait or landscape formats — interactive conversation is the goal, especially over the phone. There are speed enhancements like word prediction and stored phrases, and a forward facing display option to let your listener in on what you are typing to say.

Speak your mind like never before.

In addition to being able to type and talk, Persona allows rapid access to pre-stored phrases. Messages and situational categories are easily created within the app. While the program’s operation is mostly obvious, the Help file provides the equivalent of a user’s guide and operation manual, and is available to you all the time.

Choices of voices and a list of languages.

Google text-to-speech is standard; high quality speech can be downloaded directly from various synthesizer providers using Google Play store. Many languages are available, with several voice options with each language. You can even put more than one language on board and switch between them.


PolyAndro-7 with keyboard Persona for Android phrases


Persona for Android screen shots PolyAndro-7 over the shoulder


Features include:

• Type-to-Talk

• Word completion and prediction

• Speak Options:

Speak All

Speak Paragraph

Speak Sentence

Speak Word

Spell the Word

• On-screen output volume adjustment

• Speak phrases from phrase bank

• Create and edit phrases easily

• Bluetooth connectivity

• Keyboard access to national characters

• Save text files for rapid recall


Persona for Android with phrases PolyAndro in open case Persona phrase editor


Setups include:

• Speech Rate and Pitch Adjustment

• Auto-speak Word, Sentence, or Paragraph

• Forward Facing Display enabling

• Text size

• Auto Clear

• Display color control

• System Settings access


Persona for Android medical phrases Persona for Android chat keyboard Persona for Android social phrases forward facing display


** Persona for Android is available on:



• Synching services (such as backup) require a Google account.

• Program is not available separately.



SKU Product Price
039-0800-16 PolyAndro-7 with Persona for Android, 16GB $595.00
039-0800-32 PolyAndro-7 with Persona for Android, 32GB $695.00
  Each comes complete with Nexus 7, Persona for Android,
carry case, Bluetooth speaker, and neck strap.
039-0820-16 PolyAndro-10 with Persona for Android, 16GB $1,095.00
039-0820-32 PolyAndro-10 with Persona for Android, 32GB $1,245.00
  Each comes complete with Nexus 10, Persona for Android,
carry case, and neck strap.
386-0800-10 Table stand with quick release holder for PolyAndro-7 or -10 $70.00
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