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Grid Pad Eye 11"

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Grid Pad Eye with Alea eye gaze for portable communication and independence.
Price:  $6495.00


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Grid Pad Eye 11”

The Windows 8 Tablet with Eye Gaze Access

Grid Pad Eye with switch The Grid Pad Eye is packed with features, making it the most popular AAC device. A fast Windows 8.1 tablet has been adapted using a cutting edge backbox to create a device that includes everything you would expect in a high end communication aid.

Powered by The Grid 2

Grid Pad Eye with Alea camera Using the same PC tablet as the Grid Pad (hand held device) the Grid Pad Pro is a fully supported communication device powered by the most advanced AAC software in the world, The Grid 2.

It comes with multiple grid sets suitable for simple symbol communication through to advanced text based speech. Customize these or start from scratch to build your own vocabulary pages to allow you to speak your mind.

Make yourself heard

Grid Pad Eye with Alea spec sheet

The Grid Pad Eye has fantastic integrated sound. We have used two high-quality speakers with good depth to achieve the bass notes needed for clear speech output. As a result, Grid Pad Eye users can be heard clearly, even in busy environments.

Mounting options

The Grid Pad Eye is easily mounted on to a wheelchair using either the REHAdapt or Daessy mounting systems. There is also an integrated fold out desk stand.

Multiple access options

Switch input. Use the two 3.5mm switch ports to plug in any control switch. Or, you can use the optional wireless switch transmitter to connect.

Eye gaze. The Grid Pad Eye is combined with the Alea CAM30NT, one of the best eye gaze cameras on the market.

Servus inside

The Grid Pad Eye includes the ground-breaking Servus environmental control technology. Infra-red technology replaces the remote controls that normally operate TV, DVD, and stereo. Also included is radio transmitter that can operate power sockets, alarms, and relays.

Specifications of the Grid Pad Eye tablet:

  • Display: Dynamic 10.8” HD (1920x1080) multi-touch/capacitive TFT-LCD
  • Hardware: Intel Atom Z3770
  • Operating System: Windows 8.1 (64-bit)
  • Software: The Grid 2 AAC, OSK, and ECU program
  • Weight: 1.57 lbs. (771 g)
  • Battery Life: up to 8 hours
  • Access: Touchscreen, USB input
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • Ports: 1xUSB, speaker out, SD
  • Amplified Speaker: dual amplified speakers
  • Mounting: Dual REHAdapt/Daessy plate with camera mount
SKU Product Price
039-1450-00 Grid Pad Eye with Alea eye gaze camera $6,495.00
039-1458-00 Grid Pad Eye 18 with Alea eye gaze camera $7,395.00
039-1421-00 Servus 11-Z, ECU interface, GEWA+Z-Wave $2,995.00
039-1411-00 Grid Pad Go 11” tablet, The Grid 2, Acapela, SymbolStix, WLS, BT Speaker, protective carry case, neck strap $2,395.00
039-1480-00 Grid Pad Go 8” tablet, The Grid 2, Acapela, SymbolStix, WLS, BT Speaker, protective carry case, neck strap $2,395.00
039-1442-00 Grid Pad Pro , TG2, Acapela, SymbolStix, WLS, Servus ECU interface, GEWA IR + Z-Wave RF, REHAdapt/Daessy plate $3,795.00
019-0575-AX Additional high quality Acapela language $120.00
425315 Progress Star USB IR transmitter for use with PC’s (with switch jack) $825.00


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