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Allora 2

Allora 2 text-to-speech SGD

Allora 2 by Jabbla

Text-to-Speech in a stylish keyboard design.

The Allora 2 is elegantly designed for face-to-face communication! The detachable display/speaker can be worn around the neck on a lanyard, or given to someone to read the message, placed in the middle of the table for a meeting or at the restaurant, or you can attach it to the back of the car headrest for the back seat passenger to read. The speech output uses a high quality intelligible Realspeak speech synthesizer, and dual forward facing stereo speakers for maximum volume.

Allora 2 with forward facing display All expected speed enhancement features are standard. Standard SMS module provides text messaging capability too! (Phone service is not included.) And the optional GEWA IR transmitter lets you operate appliances through the infrared environment control.

The Allora 2 is a well-designed, functional communication device, requiring minimal set-up and maintenance. The access options of keyboard and switch operation make it suitable for people who have changing fine-motor needs.

Allora 2 with detachable display Whether at school, university or work the NOTE section may be useful for writing and saving a story, speech, long note or other text. The note can be prepared on a computer and transferred to the Allora 2 to be read aloud; or prepared on the Allora, and printed from the computer, via the USB port (memory stick).

For those who do not feel they need the advanced features of the Allora 2’s forward facing and detachable display, the original Allora 1 is still available.

The Allora 2 TM comes complete with detachable forward-facing display, SMS text messaging module (ready for you to add a cell phone SIM card and phone service), keyguard, carry case, and power adapter. The Allora 2 RT comes with all that plus a GEWA infrared transmitter for environment control of TV, cable box, DVD, and more.




  • Keyboard operation
  • Switch /scanning access (plug switch into 3.5mm port to activate scanning)
  • RealSpeak natural sounding synthesizer
  • Dual speakers
  • Dual displays
  • Detachable repositionable display/speaker
  • GEWA environment control (option)
  • Built-in module for SMS (standard)
  • Digital recording and play wav files
  • Stored text messages
  • Word Prediction
  • Keyguard (standard)
  • Carry bag (standard)
  • Computer back-up and transfer

Allora 2 detachable display and speaker Communication Features

  • Echo/speak: character/key, word, enter
  • Prediction: choose keys 1 to 5 to select
  • Prediction: word and sentence
  • Display: adjust font from 7 to 24 pixels
  • Second display: 1 to 3 lines, turn On or OFF
  • Notes: write, save, and transfer notes to computer
  • Store messages in the prediction list or under a code
  • Record speech, music, or a sound e.g. laughter, for playback


  • Keyboard has large keys and high contrast key labels
  • Splash proof and wipe-able keyboard
  • Keyguard supplied as standard
  • Scan with 1 or 2 switches
  • QWERTY, ABC or frequency of use layouts

Extra features

  • 3G phone module for SMS messages (service not included)
  • GEWA ECU module to operate TV, cable box, DVD player etc.


  • Weight: 2-1/4 lbs. (1.025 kg)
  • Dimensions: 9” x 7” x ¾” to 2-1/2” (225 x 180 x 20 to 65 mm)

Supplied with

  • Charger
  • Carry case
  • User guide
  • Keyguard
  • Lanyard for second display
SKU Product Price
039-1100-00 Allora 2 TM, carry bag, keyguard, SMS, lanyard for 2nd display $5,950.00
039-1100-20 Allora 2 RT, carry bag, keyguard, SMS, IR ECU, lanyard for 2nd display $5,995.00
039-0590-00 Allora 1, Standard version, Realspeak voice $2,495.00
386-1100-20 DaeSSy mounting plate for Allora 2 $125.00
019-1590-10 Extra Realspeak Language for Allora 2 $200.00
016-1100-00 Replacement carry bag for Allora 2 $30.00
019-0081-00 Replacement power adapter for Allora 2 $80.00
333-5100-10 Replacement keyguard for Allora 2 $85.00
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