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Mind Express by Jabbla

Mind Express by Jabbla

Mind Express Mind Express™ is an easy to use computer program that has everything a speech therapist or teacher needs to create new communication grids and exercises. A huge variety of symbols, pictures, speech, music and sounds can be used to make interesting and stimulating methods of communication.

Mind Express allows people to form words and sentences by selecting pictures and symbols, which can be spoken out loud using a clear, high quality RealSpeak (Nuance) speech engine. Mind Express also has a built in grammar module, which provides automatic conjugations of verbs.

An extensive range of symbols and icons are available for use in Mind Express. They can be used to create communication grids and games and can also be extended with your own drawings, photos or new symbols. It is very easy to adapt and update, so that communication grids can be kept up to date and reflect the progression of each individual. The SymbolStix symbol set from News-2-You is included.

Mind Express can be accessed via touch screen, mouse, trackball, joystick, head mouse, eye tracking system, and 1-or 2-switch scanning. The appropriate access method enables the user to work independently, often increasing self-esteem and providing stimulation for creativity and development.

There is also a built-in word processor that allows letters or articles to be saved, printed or read aloud. The sentence window acts like a built-in graphical word processor allowing the user to create a document using symbols or text or both. Literate individuals can write using the alphabet or whole words to form sentences. For fast communication, one can put a whole sentence into a selection button. A cell can be set to display one of the word predictions. Mind Express can predict a word from the selection of individual characters or symbols on any page and will also predict the next word in the message that is being created. By selecting a predicted word in the list you immediately initiate the prediction of the following word.

Mind Express With the e-mail module, Mind Express has fully integrated e-mail functionality. Any message or document that is created in Mind Express can be sent to any e-mail address, as text or text and symbols. Received messages can be opened and displayed or read aloud.

With Bluetooth cell phones and the SMS module, symbol based communicators can now send and receive text messages with their friends and families. Messages can be constructed and sent using symbol pages and received text messages can be read out via the speakers in the Tellus 4 or on a computer. Users can also make and receive calls.

In conjunction with a webcam and the Camera module, Mind Express allows users to take photographs and form their own personal photo library. The pictures can be selected by the user to add them to messages in their sentence window.

Requirements: Pentium, 300 MHz, Windows 98 or higher, 64MB RAM, and sound card.


SKU Product Price
019-1275-00 Mind Express for Windows with RealSpeak and SymbolStix $620.00
019-1285-10 Extra Key Mind Express $215.00
019-1285-40 Extra Realspeak Language $150.00
019-1285-20 PCS Symbol Set $150.00
019-1285-30 WLS Symbol Set $140.00
019-1285-50 Snapshot Module $175.00
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