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Voice Switch with Ear-Bud Microphone

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A sophisticated switch that can distinguish between your voice and room noises.
Price:  $310.00



The Voice Switch gives you the ability to activate a switch using your voice or another sound. You can adjust the following: The loudness of sound required to activate the switch. The duration of the sound. The audio feedback volume. The Voice Switch is unique because you can select between having it listen to only human voiced sounds or all sounds. A microphone is required. Two are offered by ZYGO: a standard "ear-bud" microphone and a "throat microphone". The ear bud microphone is a lapel mic with a small ear-bud speaker. It is the best choice if you want to use a sound other than a voiced sound (such as a vowel sound that activates the vocal cords). The throat mic does not pick up ambient sounds, so it can be used to avoid accidental switch activations from noises in the room. Please make this selection when ordering. You can also use any "universal" style cell phone microphone.


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