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Environmental Control Systems

This is Environmental Control

Environmental Control allows people with disabilities to control functions in their own living space. This could include opening doors and windows for instance, or functions such as controlling a door intercom system, lights, a telephone, bed functions, TV, DVD player, cable TV boxes, and the stereo.

Control the Things You Can See

Our transmitters operate using infrared light (IR) to control functions wirelessly. This is a safe, powerful, and user-friendly system which provides the user with complete independence.

Smart House concept

A Transmitter for Every Need

ZYGO-USA and Abilia (GEWA) AB has a wide range of transmitters and switches to meet the needs of every unique user. It is possible to use just one transmitter to control both specialized products and consumer products, as our programmable transmitters can store signals from commercial remote controls for TV's, DVD players, cable TV boxes, and stereos.

The dynamic display of the Control Omni, Progress Star, or AAC device transmitters makes it easy to use both physically and cognitively. The user can make selections by pressing directly on a touch screen or by pressing on a switch during scanning.

Control Prog is an accessible IR transmitter that comes with a keyguard to make pressing the keys easier and increase accuracy. Connect an external switch and scan through the options to make selections.

Everything That You Can Control

In addition to consumer products such as TVs, DVD players, cable TV boxes, and stereos, users also need to be able to control other functions in their homes. Abilia’s special products provide users with an all-in-one solution that uses one transmitter to control everything.

Doors. IR-controlled door-openers allow users to come and go from their own homes independently.

Windows. Electric window-openers let you open and close the windows in your home.

Lights/Devices. Lights and other devices can be easily switched on or off using a wireless relay unit. It is easy to set up the relay unit, to move it, and change it for new functions.

Beds. A bed receiver allows the user to independently adjust the sleeping position of an electronically controlled bed.

External doors. A door intercom allows the user to speak to people calling at the external door and let them in from anywhere in the home – even from bed.

Telephone. A remote-controlled GewaTel 200 speaker telephone provides safety, security and greater independence by providing access to emergency services, answering the phone, and making phone calls to stored numbers.

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