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Andromeda IR-REC-2

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Andromeda IR-REC-2 is a programmable infrared receiver with two relay outputs (two functions).
Price:  $475.00


Andromeda IR-REC-2

An infrared receiver for indoor use with two relay outputs.


Andromeda IR-REC-2 double relay output Andromeda IR-REC-2 is a programmable receiver with two relay outputs (two functions). It is usually used to control automatic doors. It is programmable with GewaLink channels and coded channels (4096 Code). IR–REC-2 is compatible with all older GewaLink transmitters. External detectors can be connected to receive the infrared signals. An external control switch can also be connected.

A variety of functions can be set as:

monostable function, bistable function, delay on time, minimum time, maximum time, public function, and polycode. Combinations of functions are also possible.

NOTE: 419812 IR-REC-2 replaces 4194 GL-1M and 4215 IR-2ML receivers.

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions: 3.8 x 3.8 x 1.4 inches (96x96x36 mm)
  • Maximum relay load:3A, 24V AD/DC resistive load
  • Relay function: alternating
  • Supply voltage: 12-24V AC/DC (-10% to +20%), 50-60 Hz
  • Maximum drawn when idle: 20mA (two detectors, relay inactive)
  • Maximum current drawn: 50mA (two detectors, relay active)
  • Maximum external detectors: five (5)
  • Color: polar white
  • Indoors ambient temperature: -4º to +95ºF (-20º to +35º C)

Andromeda remote control receivers

Gewa Andromeda

is the latest development of the familiar GewaLink system, well-known for long range and high reliability.

Gewa Andromeda is unique in combining infrared (IR) and radio (Gewa Radio) in the same receiver.

Gewa Andromeda has been designed to be easy to program, but it also has a number of advanced funtions such as mon/bistable function, switch-on display, and max/min response time.

It is possible to connect up to five (5) separate IR detectors. It is also possible to connect external control switches for activating the relays.

SKU Product Price
419812 Andromeda IR-REC-2 receiver $475.00
419830 Andromeda IRZ-REC-4 receiver $550.00
419860 Andromeda IR-DET-3 detector $245.00
419865 Andromeda IR-DET-15 detector $275.00
419870 Andromeda IR-DET detector $275.00
419875 Andromeda IR-DET-OEM detector $195.00


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