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Andromeda IR-DET-15

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IR detector for separate mounting and connection to an Andromeda IR receiver.
Price:  $275.00


Andromeda IR-DET-15

An infrared detector for indoor and outdoor use, with fifteen meters of cable.


Andromeda IR-DET-15 detector Andromeda IR-DET-15 is an infrared detector for separate mounting and connection to an Andromeda IR receiver. Intended to be mounted onto surfaces, it has discreet mounting that hides the screws from sight. It is sealed for both indoor and outdoor use. It is supplied with fifteen (15) meters of cable to reach the receiver.

NOTE: Only works with the Andromeda recievers.

NOTE: 419865 IR-DET-15 replaces 488402 GL-DP-15 detector.

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions: 2.75 x 1.65 x 1.1 inches (70x42x28 mm)
  • Color: polar white

Andromeda remote control receivers

Gewa Andromeda

is the latest development of the familiar GewaLink system, well-known for long range and high reliability.

Gewa Andromeda is unique in combining infrared (IR) and radio (Gewa Radio) in the same receiver.

Gewa Andromeda has been designed to be easy to program, but it also has a number of advanced funtions such as mon/bistable function, switch-on display, and max/min response time.

It is possible to connect up to five (5) separate IR detectors. It is also possible to connect external control switches for activating the relays.

SKU Product Price
419800 Andromeda IR-REC-1 receiver $475.00
419860 Andromeda IR-DET-3 detector $245.00
419865 Andromeda IR-DET-15 detector $275.00
419870 Andromeda IR-DET detector $275.00
419875 Andromeda IR-DET-OEM detector $195.00


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