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First Aide Kit

First Aide Kit

An immediate, independent communication link after a serious injury.

Experience has shown that these products, a universal infra-red transmitter, a remote-controlled speaker-telephone, and an AC wall outlet, solve a number of serious problems. This is especially true for newly injured people for whom communication with relatives and the 'outside world' may be of decisive importance.

The First Aide Kit is an important part of the GEWA "Smart House" concept and provides a flexible solution for control of telephone, TV, stereo, DVD, lamps, alarms, and electric-bed function. The transmitter and control switches can be individually adapted to the user's need.

I-V stand. The transmitter and sip-or-puff switch are attached to an I-V stand and easily can be moved aside or from room to room; perfect for hospital and rehabilitation facility environments. The system does not require a permanent installation.

The standard components that make up the First Aide Kit are readily available and can be used at home later on.

At home, it's easy to add other components for added independence; the user can control door openers and locks, lights, call-alarms, window openers and powered draperies, elevators, etc.

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