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Eye Gaze cameras

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Eye Gaze Cameras

Eye gaze systems allow you to navigate and control your computer by tracking where you are looking. We offer a number of eye gaze cameras to help every individual find the most effective solution. These are mouse alternatives that can allow you to begin to or continue to use a PC or AAC device when no other access will work for you.

myGaze Assistive 2

The myGaze Assistive 2 is a slim, lightweight eye gaze solution. Following 20 years of research and development the Assistive 2 has features to take you from early eye gaze to complete computer control. Also available with our Grid Pad Pro tablets powered by the all new Grid 3 .

myGaze Assistive 2 eye gaze camera

Alea IntelliGaze CAM30NT


The Alea IntelliGaze is a fully portable eye gaze camera that works with Windows devices. This lightweight camera can be connected to a portable device such as the Grid Pad Eye, or be set-up under a larger monitor.

Alea Intelligaze CAM30NT eye gaze camera

EyeTech TM5

The EyeTech TM5 is an eye gaze camera designed to fit under any flat screen monitor or laptop screen. The TM5 eye tracker offers complete on-board processing, relieving the host tablet or speech device of all the processing burden.

EyeTech Digital TM5 eye gaze camera

Eye Gaze Software to get you started with these cameras


Our range of software is fully eye gaze compatible. Learn new skills with Look to Learn by exploring visual scenes and playing games. Look to Learn comes with 40 fun and engaging activities to introduce eye gaze in a positive setting. Scenes and Sounds adds 26 more activities to continue development of eye gaze input skills.

Grid 3 gives you complete control of your world, with complete eye gaze integration with natural features such as zoom to click. Transition from Look to Learn with Scenes and Sounds by using the Interactive Learning page sets, then move on to the range of Symbol Talker, Beeline, and Vocabulary for Life page sets. Or jump straight to Fast Talker for unequalled text-to-speech conversation.

Balloon pop exercise for eye gaze training

SKU Product Price
018-0650-00 MyGaze Assistive 2 eye tracking camera with software $1,495.00
018-0610-03 Alea Intelligaze CAM30NT camera with CONTROL software $3,245.00
018-0620-00 EyeTech Digital TM5 eye tracking camera with mouse control software $3,245.00
019-0615-01 Look to Learn PC software with 40 activities for eye gaze training $600.00
019-0616-01 Scenes and Sounds adds 26 activities for use with Look to Learn $300.00
019-0617-01 Look to Learn with Scenes and Sounds complete collection $810.00
019-3000-01 Grid 3 assistive communication software for Windows PC and AAC $900.00
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