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ZYGO Voice Amplifier MiNi with Lapel Mic

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Amplified 8-watt speaker with high performance lapel microphone to amplify speech or a communication aid.
Price:  $200.00


ZYGO Voice Amplifier MiNi


The Voice Amplifier MiNi uses an 8 watt speaker to provide the loud, clear output required for high quality voice amplification. In addition, it has a LINE input jack that can be connected to the output of a Speech Generating Device (SGD) for adequate sound levels in noisy environments.

Use the belt clip to attach the Voice Amplifier MiNi to a belt, pants, skirt, etc. or use the supplied adjustable neckstrap.

The Voice Amplifier MiNi has a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery that provides up to 15 hours of operation from a fully charged battery.

ZYGO Voice Amplifier MiNi Headset Microphone Lapel Microphone

Neck Strap

This small, loud amplifier comes with a high performance headset microphone, a high performance lapel microphone, or both.


The ZYGO Voice Amplifier MiNi features:

• Loud, clear output from the small, 8 watt speaker

• Choose between high quality Headset or Lapel Microphone, or get both

• Small size, very loud sound: 3.62" x 2.83" x 1.06"

• Perfect for amplifying a communication aid's or iPad’s output

• Up to 15 hours from a fully charged battery

• Belt clip and d-rings for neckstrap included

SKU Product Price
039-1230-10 Voice Amplifier MiNi with Headset Mic $200.00
039-1230-20 Voice Amplifier MiNi with Lapel Mic $200.00
039-1230-30 Voice Amplifier MiNi with both Headset and Lapel Mic $275.00


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