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Key folder in safepath unaccessible


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Replaced by either the #429220 Control Medi Standard or the #429240 Control Medi Easy .
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The #406900 IR-5 SP infrared (IR) transmitter was replaced by either the #429220 Control Medi Standard or the #429240 Control Medi Easy . Both of these are trainable IR transmitters, but neither one of them is switch accessible.

The Pico 4, Pico 8, and Pico 16 may better meet your needs. These are also trainable IR transmitters, but they are all three single-switch accessible.

The IR-5SP was a programmable hand-held IR transmitter with six buttons. Unit could save a maximum of 20 functions on four levels. This transmitter learns infrared signals from other remote controls for TV, cable, and DVD. One button can be adapted to coding. Macros can be stored to send a sequence of signals with one button press. Use it with slip in overlays and a neck-strap. A single 1-function switch can be connected to control one function, allowing one signal to be sent by switch activation. Powered by one 9V Alkaline battery, not included.


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