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  January 2014 Chatter

ZYGO Chatter

January 2014

Grid Pad Tablet

Servus 10-Z ECU Tablet

ATIA Conference in Orlando

  December 2013 Chatter

ZYGO Chatter

December 2013

ZyBox X for iOS 7

PolyAndro-10 with Persona for Android

PapooTouch company closure

Candy Corn™ Proximity Sensor Switch

Mini Beamer™ Switch Kit

  August 2013 Chatter

ZYGO Chatter

August 2013

ZYGO Wireless Voice Amplifier

PolyAndro-7 with Persona for Android

PapooTouch software upgrade to 3.1

Allora 2 by Jabbla

  June 2013 Chatter

ZYGO Chatter

June 2013

PolyAndro-7 with Persona for Android

Price Reduction for ZyBox for iOS (30)

ZYGO Voice Amplifier

Acapela 9 upgrade: children's voices

Released: Allora 2 by Jabbla

  May 2013 Chatter

ZYGO Chatter

May 2013

Product Spotlight: PolyAndro-7

with Persona for Android

Price Reduction for The Grid 2

Abilia AB acquires TCL

Upgraded Software boosts ZyBox for iOS

Spoiler Alert: new product coming soon

  May 2013 Special Edition Chatter

ZYGO Chatter

Special Edition May 2013

Introducing an all-new text-to-speech device:


with Persona for Android

  April 2013 Chatter

ZYGO Chatter

April 2013

Product Spotlight: PODD-15 page sets

ZyBox for iOS switch adapters

New iOS and Android products section

ZYGO and Zyvox Reo voice amplifiers

Acapela 9 upgrade to The Grid 2

  March 2013 Chatter

ZYGO Chatter

March 2013

Product Spotlight: Switchamajig IR

New iOS and Android products section

ZyBox for iOS and pererro switch adapters

Accessible Power Outlet

The Grid 2 for environmental control

  February 2013 Chatter

ZYGO Chatter

February 2013

Product Spotlight: ZyBox for iOS

ECU grids for The Grid 2

CSUN Conference with Sensory Software

  December 2012 Chatter

ZYGO Chatter

December 2012

Product Spotlight: PapooTouch

Updated AD Head Pointers

The Grid 2 for Windows 8

ATIA 2013 Orlando FL

  October 2012 Chatter

ZYGO Chatter

October 2012

All new Bear Tracker GPS phone

Updated AD Head Pointers

Grid Player with iOS 6

Abilia price changes

  August 2012 Chatter

ZYGO Chatter

August 2012

All new PapooTouch+

All New Optimist-MMX-3

The Grid 2 in U.S. English

Brand new ZYGO Voice Amplifier

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