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Assistive Technologies
for Communication and Independence.

We offer a wide range of technology products to our clients so they can achieve a greater independence and to enhance the quality of their lives. These solutions improve an individual's ability to learn, work, and interact with family and friends.

ZYGO has been involved in manufacturing and distributing assistive technologies since 1974. We specialize in augmentative and alternative communication, alternative computer access, environmental control systems, accessible elevator systems, and electronic aids to daily living.

ZYGO-USA continues to offer innovative products for voice output communication and physical independence. We have a number of dynamic display, digital recording, and text-to-speech products to choose from. We provide a mix of helpful aids to daily living. And we continue to offer infrared environmental control systems and accessible elevator controls. We offer products from ZYGO-USA, Ablenet, Jabbla, RSL Steeper, Abilia, and more.


Who we Are

ZYGO-USA is an international company providing assistive technology products to help children and adults with a range of physical disabilities lead productive and independent lives.

Our Mission

ZYGO-USA designs, manufactures, distributes, and supports assistive technology solutions for individuals that need a variety of products that give those individuals independence, communication, and a higher quality of life.

We look for products that remove barriers to participating in conversations, like our augmentative and alternative communication devices and software. We sell environmental control systems to let people open doors to employment, operate elevators at home, school, and work, and to control electronic devices throughout their day. And we sell other aids to daily living to allow people to interact with their worlds independently, speaking their minds, learning, working, and spending time with family and friends.

Our desire is to continue our long history of offering forward-thinking assistive technology products, providing you with strong customer support, and making it easier for you to learn about the products we sell. Our mission is to leverage new technologies into our marketplace, keep up with commercially available products, and offer quality solutions at fair prices.


“…if all my possessions were taken
from me with one exception,
I would choose to keep the power of communication,
for by it I would soon regain all the rest.”

--Daniel Webster



Partnerships in Assistive Technologies

50_jabbla RSL Steeper 50_abilia
ZYGO-USA Ablenet Jabbla RSL Steeper Abilia AB


ZYGO-USA can also be found on these sites:

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Be sure to connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn, see our products on our web site and on flickr, and visit our partners to learn more about the products that are available to you.

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