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ZyBox X for iOS 7 (L) "Switch Control"

ZyBox X for iOS 7 (L) "Switch Control"
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ZyBox X for iOS 7 is a switch adapter designed to utilize the Switch Control capability of iOS 7 for switch scanning.
SKU: 015-0100-35
Price:  $245.00


ZyBox X for iOS 7


Switch Input Adapter

Apple’s new iOS 7 includes a powerful accessibility feature, Switch Control. ZyBox X for iOS 7 is designed to utilize the Switch Control capability found in the iOS 7 operating system to open iOS devices to true alternative access by switch scanning.

ZyBox X for iOS 7 For iOS tablet users who cannot easily access using the touch screen, Switch Control is an accessibility feature that provides access to almost every function in iOS 7 through the use of one or multiple switches. The ZyBox X for iOS 7 is the switch interface to let you take advantage of these new features. Connect the ZyBox X for iOS 7 to your iPad using the 30-pin or a Lightning connector, snap in one, two, or up to six control switches with 3.5mm plugs, and you have access to the entire iPad.

When the ZyBox is plugged into your iOS device, it will power up as indicated by the LED and automatically recognize the interface. You must set up and define switch actions the first time you use Switch Control on each iOS device. But once set up you simply plug in the ZyBox X for iOS 7, connect up to six switches, and away you go.


Switch action menu Since you use the 30-pin and Lightning connectors to plug the ZyBox X for iOS 7 directly to the docking connector of the iOS device, the Bluetooth connection is still available to do other things, like connect to a Bluetooth speaker, a keyboard, or to a mobile phone. It also means that the ZyBox X for iOS 7 pulls very little power, unlike Bluetooth connected devices, so you will continue to enjoy long battery life.

To set up the Switch Control on your iOS device, go into Settings, move to the General tab, choose Accessibility, go into Switch Control, and turn Switch Control to the On position. You can also adjust timings and other characteristics of the scan method.

Features of the ZyBox X for iOS (for use on iOS version 7 and later):

  • 30-pin dock connector to iOS devices like the iPad 1 and 2
  • Lightning to 30-pin adapter available for newer models of iOS device
  • Six 3.5mm mono jacks for external control switch inputs
  • Automatic detection of switch interface
  • No additional software is required; set up Switch Control and switch actions first time only
  • Bright LED indicator to show power On status of ZyBox for iOS
  • Powered from the iOS device; no internal power required

When a user selects an item while using Switch Control, a pop-up menu appears that offers a number of advanced functions. If a user selects Scroll, Gestures, Device, or Settings from this menu, a second menu of options appears that are more advanced actions or settings for Switch Control. This provides an even greater level of control while switch scanning.

Advanced menu Advanced menu Advanced menu

SKU Product Price
015-0100-30 ZyBox X for iOS 7 “Switch Control”, 30-pin connector, one to six switch jacks $195.00
015-0100-35 ZyBox X for iOS 7 “Switch Control”, Lightning to 30-pin adapter, 1-6 switch jacks $245.00
015-0100-10 ZyBox for iOS, 30-pin connector, one to six switch jacks, “VoiceOver” $195.00
015-0100-42 ZyBox for iOS, Lightning to 30-pin adapter, one to six switch jacks, “VoiceOver” $245.00
015-0300-10 ZyBox for Windows, USB connector, one to two switch jacks $145.00
015-1000-00 pererro iOS switch adapter, one-switch VoiceOver scanning $275.00
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