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Text-to-Speech Devices
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Assistive Technologies
for Communication and Independence.


We offer a wide range of technology products to our clients so they can achieve a greater independence and to enhance the quality of their lives. These solutions improve an individual's ability to learn, work, and interact with family and friends.


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Look to Learn eye gaze training software
Look to Learn

Eye Gaze Training Software

Look to Learn is a software package with 40 eye gaze activities designed for people starting out with eye gaze technology. The activities have been specially created to provide a fun way to improve access and choice making skills. Even works will for introducing tablet touchscreen devices for direct access.

Scenes and Sounds available now!

Look to Learn: Scenes and Sounds adds 26 new activities focusing on interactive visual scenes, music and sounds, and new eye gaze skills. You must purchase Look to Learn prior to purchasing the Scenes and Sounds add on set.

Look to Learn: Scenes and Sounds


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Grid Pad Tablet Grid Pad Go Grid Pad Mounted Servus 10-Z ECU
Grid Pad Tablet Grid Pad Go Grid Pad Mounted Servus 10-Z ECU
PolyAndro Allora 2 Grid Player Tablet Optimist MMX-3C
PolyAndro with Persona for Android Jabbla Allora 2 Grid Player Tablet Optimist MMX-3C
Wireless Voice Amp ZyBox X for iOS pererro iOS Control Switches
ZYGO Wireless Voice Amplifier ZyBox X for iOS switch adapter pererro iOS switch adapter control switches
Tellus 4 Mobi 2 Zingui Smart II
Tellus 4 by Jabbla Mobi 2 by Jabbla Zingui by Jabbla Smart 2 by Jabbla
ZYGO Voice Amplifier Zavox Reo Head Pointers M-20 Eye Gaze System
ZYGO Voice Amplifier ZaVox Voice Amplifier A.D. Head Pointers with iPad tips M-20 eye gaze transfer system
The Grid 2 Mind Express Grid Player Talara-32
The Grid 2 AAC and OSK software for PC Mind Express AAC software Grid Player AAC for iOS Talara-32 digital recording
Control Prog Pilot Pro GewaTel 200 Sero!
Control Prog I.R. transmitter Pilot Pro I.R. transmitter GewaTel 200 I.R. speakerphone Sero! I.R. telephone
PowerLink 4 Accessible Power Outlet Accessible Elevators First Aide Kit
Power Link 4 Accessible Power Outlet Accessible Elevators Emergency I.R. First Aide Package



“…if all my possessions were taken
from me with one exception,
I would choose to keep the power of communication,
for by it I would soon regain all the rest.”

--Daniel Webster



Partnerships in Assistive Technologies

sensory software 50_jabbla RSL Steeper 50_abilia
ZYGO-USA Ablenet Sensory Software Jabbla RSL Steeper Abilia AB


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