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Assistive Technologies
for Communication and Independence.


We offer a wide range of technology products to our clients so they can achieve a greater independence and to enhance the quality of their lives. These solutions improve an individual's ability to learn, work, and interact with family and friends.


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Pre-Made Grid Sets logoPre-made Grid Sets

for use with The Grid 2

Not only is The Grid 2 a fantastic AAC program, but you can also use free or inexpensive add-on vocabulary sets to build your communication pages quickly and easily. Download a trial of The Grid 2 and see all that it can do.

Choose from PODD-15, Word Power, and the Ingfield Dynamic Vocabularies, or modify one of the free sample sets like Fast Talker 2, Grid Talk, or Chatterbox.

Information found under Communication Software.


PolyAndro Allora 2 Grid Player Tablet Optimist MMX-3C
PolyAndro with Persona for Android Jabbla Allora 2 Grid Player Tablet Optimist MMX-3C
Wireless Voice Amp ZyBox X for iOS pererro iOS Control Switches
ZYGO Wireless Voice Amplifier ZyBox X for iOS switch adapter pererro iOS switch adapter control switches
Tellus 4 Mobi 2 Zingui Smart II
Tellus 4 by Jabbla Mobi 2 by Jabbla Zingui by Jabbla Smart 2 by Jabbla
ZYGO Voice Amplifier Zavox Reo Head Pointers M-20 Eye Gaze System
ZYGO Voice Amplifier ZaVox Voice Amplifier A.D. Head Pointers with iPad tips M-20 eye gaze transfer system
The Grid 2 Mind Express Grid Player Talara-32
The Grid 2 AAC and OSK software for PC Mind Express AAC software Grid Player AAC for iOS Talara-32 digital recording
Control Prog Pilot Pro GewaTel 200 Sero!
Control Prog I.R. transmitter Pilot Pro I.R. transmitter GewaTel 200 I.R. speakerphone Sero! I.R. telephone
PowerLink 4 Accessible Power Outlet Accessible Elevators First Aide Kit
Power Link 4 Accessible Power Outlet Accessible Elevators Emergency I.R. First Aide Package



“…if all my possessions were taken
from me with one exception,
I would choose to keep the power of communication,
for by it I would soon regain all the rest.”

--Daniel Webster



Partnerships in Assistive Technologies

sensory software 50_jabbla RSL Steeper 50_abilia
ZYGO-USA Ablenet Sensory Software Jabbla RSL Steeper Abilia AB


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